That Feeling of Pure and Boundless Love

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Deuter, one of the musicians who has spearheaded the genre of “New Age,” was on its formation an invaluable influence. He is also a master practitioner of the Reiki healing system using special hand positions and an exchange of energy — which is why his music has become popular in the world of spiritual practices and alternative healing, and those following these are frequent visitors to his music. Because his music is intended to create the necessary background for the Reiki practice, it is one of the significant elements of the healing process. In his discography he has an album Reiki Hands of Light, a successful bestseller, and now a new disc, which will be discussed, which is the direct successor and embodies creative ideas throughout. Not reinventing the wheel, Deuter works within well-established canons: it has long been observed that Reiki is ideal for the delicate, weightless sound of the piano, and that it is the soloist in the opening driving compositions, accompanied by enveloping ambient backgrounds with a slight oriental slant, creating alluring transparent silhouettes in the morning mist through which punched the first rays of the sun, promising a sunny and clear day. Also one of the main roles is played by the much-loved Japanese shakuhatchi flute handled by Deuter. The sound envelops like a warm, relaxing cocoon, creating a feeling of comfort and security. Acoustic guitar with its slow, totally calm chords, creates an atmosphere of the Sunshine Coast, and the voices of angels descending from heaven, washed by the waves expand the horizon to the Ecumenical endless expanse. The music on Reiki Hands of Love charges the usual images of nature, helps to create a so-called “comfort zone”, an imaginary place where there is always a complete peace of mind, and where noise problems of the modern world do not penetrate. Here are quietly murmuring streams carrying their crystal clear waters to the ocean, as green grass rustles and huge clouds slowly float in the endless blue sky world. There is silence, which many have already forgotten in the bustle of the metropolis, and which is able to really facilitate healing. But perhaps the main advantage of Deuter music (not just on this CD, which is quite typical of the Maestro’s albums, and which, however, should really be seen as a sign of excellence) is that feeling of pure and boundless love. His music gently touches the secret places of the soul and the eternal as if whispering “I love you”, and it fills the listener with warmth and joy, quite regardless of whether he believes in the healing power of touch hands, because now he is in contact with the much more ancient and powerful force of healing the body and spirit using the light of love. In the wake of this light Deuter still has no equal, and he once again has proved it by writing a perfect album for relaxation, meditation and healing.

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