The new album Mirage from Deuter is coming in 2019.

The soundscape of Mirage invites you to a space where you can look at everything you know to be true. You are taken to a place deep within yourself that is in this world, but not of it. As you listen to the music you are lured, as if following a mirage, towards your inner silence. Deuter’s Mirage is a true masterpiece.

1 Mirage 8:38
2 Morin Huur 6:18
3 La Forêt 10:18
4 Manganu 8:18
5 Okeanos 1 8:20
6 Okeanos 2 4:39
7 Friendly Valley 8:31
8 Ein unbeschreibliches
Glücksgefühl 8:57