Instruments and Formal Training

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New Earth: Have you had musical training with the great variety of instruments you play?

Deuter: Now, when you play a lot of instruments you cannot become a master, like certain musicians are. They play one instrument, and their whole life their entire focus is on this one instrument. For me, I only had training in playing the flute, in the beginning. I come from a family where a lot of people play instruments; one of my uncles was a music teacher, so I learned to play the flute when I was young. (In the English language: a recorder) That was the first instrument I really learned. Then I picked up stuff from different people: learning to play the guitar…for awhile I played the classical guitar. The next lessons I received were in India. I had a sitar teacher who taught me to play. All the other instruments, I approach the way a child does, like a toy. I play around and find some way to create something with it, or build something with it; as I said before, they’re [instruments] like different colors in a big painting. On some days red more is more in demand, while other days the demand is for blue.

New Earth: How do you feel about formal musical training versus picking up an instrument, playing with it, and seeing where it takes you?

Deuter: I had a time when I wanted to go on a music conservatorium, and I had a friend who went there; I visited the conservatorium, talked to the people and I was very much intrigued to go there since everything was focused on music… what I love… I got the feeling though that I was moving inside a prison with the whole thing, and I couldn’t really express it, but it didn’t feel right to me to do this. I did not see what my future might be; it was not very clear at this time. So, I didn’t go in the conservatorium. When I pick up another instrument, for example, over the last couple of years I picked up a cello, which is also on the Reiki album. I have learned from teachers so that I know how to hold an instrument; it is possible to make a lot of mistakes and sometimes you can avoid them if you learn from somebody who has experience. But the basic thing is that I want to experience the instrument myself– I want to hear what the instrument is telling me, and where the instrument is leading me.

New Earth: Does your home environment facilitate the music you create?

Deuter: These days I live in Santa Fe, NM which is a pretty empty state, so there’s a lot of space, which I like… a lot of blue sky, a lot of sunshine; and I built a house– which basically is a house built around a studio and a big piece of land towards the mountains. I can try out sounds without disturbing anybody and I have the nature right around the house.

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