Exclusive Deuter Interview

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Special thanks to Xtreme Music for this exclusive online interview!

To be able to love and forgive, the first steps are that you need to be conscious. It has to be a conscious step, and to be conscious you need to find a way of to achieve stillness inside yourself. In this world where everything is going faster, and more crazy, I’ve been trying to make music which helps people to stop this outgoing energy, this constant outflowing energy, and loosing of energy into this world, and without finding their inner-self. Once one has experienced this, one comes to the understanding that awareness and love are essentially the same. Then there is a feeling of love for others and also a feeling of love for yourself, for the person who actually “loves”. With love comes forgiveness, and once there is an awareness that keeping things, hurts and harms only the person who does it, then the next step is to forgive. Love is really the greatest expression. I believe to experience the love for oneself, the gratefulness of being alive, is really an appreciation for all that we are in this universe.

What I’ve been doing with music is what came easy and what created joy for me, and these were simply in me when I came into this world. I enjoy playing music, and found a way to do it, and from the feedback of other people I learned that the music is actually healing. The music is helping people. I then became more aware of it, and I used the tools, my knowledge and experience to create art out of music; which helps people to find an inner balance and inner harmony, and with that they find the peace, healing, and joy of life. We have talked about love, and we’ve talked about forgiveness, and for me an important point for both is meditation. Through meditation and simple silence, these conscious act has basically changed my life, and meditation itself has changed my personal values.

The understanding I have is that music is vibration and frequency, and we can all perceive the whole world with certain vibrations, good or bad vibrations, and realise that when you add a certain type of frequency and vibration into this world, you definitely change something. With a group of people, you can bring somebody in who has a higher consciousness, and the group changes. I think that’s why people go to churches or ashrams, or why people sit together to meditate. When you change the frequency, you change the vibration, and that’s really what I’m trying to do in my music. Essentially, putting out a certain type of vibration which can change and which can help people. I play this music and trust that it does the right thing and do the best I can. I trust that there is a new generation coming through that has a greater understanding of the environment of the world we live in, and are able to bring hope into this world.

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