Elements, Connection, and Experience

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New Earth: What would you consider to be the primary elements of your music?

Deuter: I think I have basically two elements in my music: one is the constant dance on the edge of silence; it is almost like moving into the silence, moving out of the silence. Now, every tone does that, every sound does that, every sound starts and ends, and there’s always silence. When you hear the sound, especially the right sound, you experience for a moment the silence, which is always there which is inside us, which is outside us, which is the big nothing that everything comes out of. In music I love to create a path out of the silence, a path to express the joy of being alive, the gratefulness of being alive, and also a path that reverts back into the silence and the experience of the silence. I think these days, at least in my experience, everything in the world is going faster and faster. Lately when I watch TV, it’s almost impossible to see a picture longer than one second, it always has to be chopped up in smaller parts; the changes have to be faster, the editing has to be faster. At the moment, everything is going faster and faster in the world. I think it is really, really important that we create a balance to this– That we find a way for every person, somewhere and somehow, to have the time where we can experience our inner selves, instead of running. Being able to relax, feel ourselves, question what we are doing (if you really want to do it) and feel grateful to be alive.

New Earth: Do you experience a connection with your listeners when composing or performing your music?

Deuter: When I was doing concerts of course there was direct connection there; it was beautiful and I loved it… I remember, for example, a concert here in Boulder. After awhile, there was a space of oneness: where I feel the people, the people feel the music, and it becomes one organism, one movement. But when I work by myself, there is no connection in a way, because I don’t exist. So there cannot be somebody who connects and there cannot be any connection, there is just the music, creating itself, in a way.

New Earth: How would you describe your experience when creating your music?

Deuter: How does this music happen? That’s a good question, and I’ve been asking myself that a lot lately—it basically has a lot to do with love. When somebody loves to do something– maybe football, or climbing a tree, or whatever, you try to do it as much as possible. If you love to play football, you go out and play football for as much time as you can spare. For me, I created a working environment that felt perfect; I talked about the experience in the big music studio– that this doesn’t work for me so I created my own studio. It grew over the years, and for me it is just an incredible, blissful experience to go in the studio, to play around and start making sounds, noises, music, tones… mixing them together, seeing what comes out… So, any time I can spare, I love going into the studio. It doesn’t feel like work at all; of course it is connected with work, some of the stuff is tedious and must be done, but it is fundamentally an expression of joy and love.

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  1. John Koster

    thank you for your music. My wife and I have had your music as a sound track for our lives for decades. We live in Seattle, Maui and Santa Fe and feel a commonality of spirit with you. The Land of Enchantment album always centers us. The song Loving Touch calms and relaxes us. One of the many things we feel gratitude for is your music. Thank you. We hope to be able to meet you and hear you in person some day.

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