Deuter and Music: A Deep Connection

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New Earth: Hi Deuter, please give us an overview of the album “Reiki Hands of Love”, does this follow on from the magnificent “Reiki Hands of Light”?

Deuter: Yes it does. We had, I think, quite a success with the first Reiki album. I have always loved the Reiki procedures; I have always felt that when doing Reiki, or receiving Reiki, it’s great to have some really relaxing music with it. And since the first album was a success– many people liked it, so we thought of trying to make a second one. We changed the title of it from “Hands of Light” to “Hands of Love”.

New Earth: We move to the opening track of the album entitled Morning Silhouettes, what an amazing piece of music, especially calming, wonderfully gentle and relaxing, and the perfect way perhaps to start a Reiki based album, please tell us and the listeners all about this opening piece.

Deuter: For me it’s really hard to talk about single pieces, because when I make the music I’m just inside the music; I’m not thinking about anything. When we think how a piece of music develops, it is [like]– in the beginning there is silence; there is nothing… and what I usually do is I will play one note, and I listen to this note, and this note tells me where it wants to go. It will tell me what the second note should be, and I just start to let things flow, to let things come… So the basic premise for this album is that it should help somebody with relaxing. And it could help in leading a Reiki person in creating a space for the whole Reiki procedure, where it [relaxation] can happen with Reiki.

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