Synthesized Sounds with Real Instrumentation

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Buzz Music, a Springboard to Great Music, recently wrote about Deuter’s latest release and how sound is synthesized to produce beautiful, healing music.


BEN_8366Deuter is one of the old timers in the field of new age music.  He was there at the beginning.  Hard to believe he is still making music so many years later, and doing it well as always.  He works a lot with synthesizers, as do so many new agers, but we know he plays a lot of instruments (dozens and dozens over the years), so he usually presents a mix of synthesized sounds with real instrumentation.  This latest release, ILLUMINATION OF THE HEART on New Earth Records, is no exception.  He uses the synth to make not only synth sounds, but also the sounds of a violin, a harp and a variety of ethnic instruments (usually bowed ones from the Far East that have that haunting quality of sounding like a woman’s voice wailing softly and wordlessly).  In addition to the electronically produced music, Deuter actually plays cello (he has always been quite good as a cellist), several different flutes (also an excellent flutist), piano and guitar.

Deuter often sets up a tune with either a synth wash, a drone sound or some haunting bowed instrument (like cello, sarangi or guzheng) and then puts a flute solo on, then after the flute disappears he might add a little piano, then he takes that away and adds cello or guitar, only occasionally having them meld together with interplay between the various instruments.  But somehow it all works to make for long, lovely and interesting pieces, mostly instrumentals (although he sings as an a capella male choir on one tune and has those instruments that sound like a female vocalizing on other tracks).

illuminationSome of the music borders on ambient, but most of it has soft, subtle melodies.  There is some lovely flute and cello work on “Desert Dream Green,” but, really, there are standout moments everywhere.  Highly recommended for lovers of the new age genre.

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  1. Dear Mr. Deuter,

    Could you please share with me which flute do you use in the “East of the Full Moon”soundstrack? It is such a beautiful composition.

    Thank you,


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