Instruments and Formal Training

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New Earth: Have you had musical training with the great variety of instruments you play? Deuter: Now, when you play a lot of instruments you cannot become a master, like certain musicians are. They play one instrument, and their whole … Continued

Nature’s Important Role

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New Earth: What role does nature play in your music? Deuter: Nature definitely plays an important part in my life and in my music. When I started recording, at the end of the 1960’s, I didn’t record music then; I … Continued

A Different Dimension

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New Earth: How did this all begin? Deuter: It’s a good question how this all started… When we come into this world, I think that everybody comes with gifts. I was born in Germany after a really, really bad time … Continued

Energy Quotient Rating of 4.98

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Deuter – REIKI, HANDS OF LOVE: There are always times when a break from all the great jazz and blues I get in for review is called for… Deuter’s CD release will do just that. Since “touch” is part and … Continued

Exclusive Deuter Interview

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Special thanks to Xtreme Music for this exclusive online interview! To be able to love and forgive, the first steps are that you need to be conscious. It has to be a conscious step, and to be conscious you need … Continued

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