A Different Dimension

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New Earth: How did this all begin?

Deuter: It’s a good question how this all started… When we come into this world, I think that everybody comes with gifts. I was born in Germany after a really, really bad time in Europe; the Second World War was devastating both the people and the country. One of the nicer memories I have from this time, besides walking through the woods and enjoying trees, I heard for the first time someone playing the flute. That was like a light coming from the heavens into this extremely dark world, and I really appreciated that. I enjoyed hearing the flute and I also wanted to play the flute. In my grandfather’s house, I found some instruments: one was an old banjo that he had played and the other instrument was an old guitar. So I started just to play around with them, playing without knowing anything; just listening to sounds the strings made. For one of my birthdays, I received a flute; I started to play around with it, and that was the beginning for me. This was during a time when there was not much music heard; we did not have stereos at the time. The basic drive in life was to find food and survive. So, music was the opening to a different dimension during that time of my life.

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    You and your music have always taken the stress out of my life and left we with a feeling of peace. Thanks you so much for your being and music. GWL

  2. Diana Patel

    I enjoy listening to your music when I need to unwind and find peace. Thank you.

  3. It isn’t odd that from pain comes beauty. This music that you make, Deuter, has brought so much beauty into my life. I’m grateful that your gift was opened for us all.

  4. I really love your music and have been playing mostly your music for the past two years during my Reiki sessions with clients and during my personal meditation times. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your work. Thank you for this short explanation of your interest in music and how it helped you and fed a need within.

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