A Benchmark Album in New Age Music

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This for me is a great honour; this is a moment to savour and a moment to remember forever, as I sit here in total peace and bliss, listening to Reiki Hands of Love by an artist I have long admired as a listener and as a Reiki Teacher and healer myself.

I first came across the genius of Deuter thanks to a fellow Reiki practitioner who loaned me a copy of an album that I still cherish to this day, called Buddha Nature, I still rate that as one of the best New Age albums ever recorded to this day, however my next purchase would be Reiki Hands of Light, which I used for many years, to ease my life into a state of peace and meditative oneness. So with an extremely happy heart, I now write to you dear reader and listener about Deuters follow up to that opus of brilliance, Reiki Hands of Love, this is a respectful album of great passion and healing and with its opening track, nods the musical hat, to the last release with great reverence, those who liked the Light album will be over joyed with the Love release.

Listen to the opening piece Morning Silhouettes, the pace is sheer perfection and lends itself energetically to relaxation and healing with great ease. Play this track when you just want to relax and it will create an oasis of calm around you while you listen. Play it while a client lies on your couch for a healing session and they will immediately ease back and relax their body.

This is followed by the delightful Morning Silhouettes 2, a slightly higher vibration can be felt here, but the essence of the keyboards and synths are so well layered you would hardly notice. The strings in this composition are so delightfully arranged, that they create a warm feeling all around you as you listen, from the perspective of the Reiki healer, your client by now would be in a restful state of bliss and relaxation.

Track three take us on an upward spiral towards the sky, in fact dear reader if you close your eyes and focus on the music, you will easily be able to go Cloud Surfing. Yet another totally peaceful composition, but there is something even more special about Cloud Surfing, if you relax completely and take in the tone of the music, you will notice a certain lightness about its refrain, this is so carefully and gently played by Deuter, that it creates a state of spacious ambience around the listener.

Next is the delightfully titled Love’s Winged Messenger. I am so blessed, my beautiful twin soul of a wife Chrissie, is also a Deuter fan and a Reiki Healer and Teacher, and also a flute player. She really appreciates the soulful playing on this album, when we move to this piece we can both say that while Deuter has created something deeper here, you will feel an abundant state of oneness about you, this is an amazing peace and has pacified my wife’s desire to once again to hear some supreme harmonic flute from the master, Deuter.

My current level of bliss is all flowing, and through the deep intent of the track Hands of Love, I never want this moment to end, in fact Deuters flute here reminds me so much of the track Buddha Nature, that I am in rapture, the sun streams in through my studio window and all is right with my world, the floating synths and calming piano create a marvellous interplay with the stringed effects, this is beyond excellent.

I have just had a moment of reflection and so to double the joy I went back and started the album all over again, I wanted to feel its healing energies and resonances of balance once more, a gentle waft of smoke from my lavender incense stick wafts upwards and dances with the dusty sunlight filtering through the curtains, and I listen to Unknown Doors. A new, but contemplative sojourn can be found here with some very angelic vocals, these are filled with such emotion, that the healer can now encourage his/her client to let go, and the listener, can be placed into a world of sonic ecstasy by its universal tones.

To say I am in awe of the music would probably be doing this outstanding album a total injustice, my words can only paint you a picture of its brilliance and of its pleasure, but now we move into the realm of a piece called Deeper than Sky, the performance starts to resonate with a determined focus, the keyboards and the flute are so deeply harmonious, its moving to the very deepest level and the vocals only go to emphasise what an outstanding piece this is.

The penultimate arrangement is called Still Stones of Silence. With two tracks to go, I had to stop to shed a few tears of happiness, a hug from my wife and I am back in the writers saddle, why the tears? Easy, this has to be one of the most beautiful albums I have heard in years; it has moved me to tears of utter bliss. Still Stones of Silence is one of those dramatic compositions that will take you back in time, that will hold you in its memory and manifest a world of imaginary around you with such perfect clarity. The stillness and powerful nature of this piece is outstanding, it’s steeped in years of experience, but still has an element of freshness about its energy.

Now it’s time dear constant reader and listener to end our Reiki journey with Deuter and his album Reiki Hands of Love, we end it with a piece called Free Forever. The emotion has passed, the healing is done and now it’s time to lie back in the arms of joy and soak your senses in the music, for a final time. This one takes me back to a piece called Blessing, to say this man is a genius is understating the obvious, the composition here is lighter in its nature, the listener will emerge in a state of unbridled exultation or if it is being played for a client, they will now begin to surface from your perfect healing. The track itself has the perfect increase in energy, just enough to lift the listener from a meditative state into the everyday world, but leave them with a feeling of elation.

Reiki Hands of Love in my opinion, is a benchmark album, in the new age music industry of the 21st century, Deuter has created here a second masterpiece for you to fall head over heels in love with, with Deuter it really is a case of love and light, sublimely created by a musicians hands who are not only bathed in the loving energies of Reiki, but by a musician who really knows what his listening audience wants. As a writer and listener, I can only suggest you buy this album, but I warn you, you will never stop playing it, as a Reiki Master/Teacher, you will do no better than Deuters music and Reiki Hands of Love is the perfect example of true healing music, created by someone who actually cares.

Written by Steve Sheppard, One World Music

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